6 Best and Essential Mobile Apps for Every Accounting Firm

5 min readJul 25, 2022


Do you want the best Mobile Apps for accounting that are simple to use and available across several platforms and enable their users to access, encrypt, and process accounting data anytime from anywhere?

To help you pick up the best accounting app for your firm, we’ve researched and handpicked the top 6 mobile apps from numerous leading accounting software providers.

1 . Xero

Xero is one of the most popular, comprehensive, and user-friendly mobile apps for accounting. From paying your due bills to generating invoices, receipts, and transactions using banks seamlessly, Xero is your one-stop accounting partner for running your business smoothly. Their accounting services/solutions include claiming expenses, paying bills, connecting bank accounts, accepting payments, etc., You can also add more functions in real-time as per your customer needs.

Xero provides 24/7 customer support, so you need not worry when you are stuck using the app or mess up your accounting information.

The package starts from $20 per month, the most popular standard plan costs around $30, and their premium plan is $40 per month. Additionally, Xero provides a 30-day free trial so that you may test it out and see if it adequately meets all of your demands. Including the expense claiming and project monitoring elements, you can customize the plans.

2. FreshBooks

FreshBooks was developed for small business owners who may not need complex and expensive accounting software. With FreshBooks mobile app, you can generate invoices, accept deposits, accept e-signatures, digital receipts, estimation, schedule late fees, onboarding services, unlimited time tracking and expenses, etc.

Based on the plans you select; it helps you manage various clients. You may even combine this software with other crucial business tools like Slack, Gmail, MailChimp, and other similar programs. They already have an intense user base of 24 million FreshBooks users in more than 60 countries, demonstrating the app’s dominance in the market. And it states that by using their app, a typical business owner may cut up to 192 hours of accounting labor. You can integrate FreshBooks with 200 apps. They offer a flat 60% discount for the first six months, and their most popular plus subscription will cost you $7.50 per month.

3. QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks has been in the industry for more than 28 years and has been an industry leader in the finance and accounting market. With QuickBooks mobile app, you can generate invoices, track expenses and income, navigate dashboards, manage cash flow, track mileage, and even track sales tax. QuickBooks offers a 30-day free trial with four package solutions that will undoubtedly satisfy all of your business demands. QuickBooks “simple start” package is $25 per month and $12 per month with a discount.

The “plus” option in the app, which costs $35 per month after the discount enables you to check inventory and manage bills, is one that the users adore the most. Additionally, their advanced version, which includes too many extra features like batching invoices, business insights, workflow automation, and a dedicated accounts team, will set you back $75 per month. You can also incorporate tools like PayPal and engage in a live consultation with their expertise in bookkeeping.

4. Sage Accounting

Sage, formerly called Peachtree Accounting is one of the best bookkeeping apps for small or medium businesses. Sage lets you track and manage invoices, automate transactions, cash flow, tax, and payments, etc, they offer a free trial for first-time users. With just one click, you can view all of your cash flow details. After sending invoices, you can check the app to see whether payments have been received and follow up on overdue payments. Additionally, they provide round-the-clock help, live Q&A to clarify your queries, and even 1:1 consulting for tailored problem-solving.

Sage’s entry-level plan starts at $10 per month and $25 for its advanced version for using additional services like sending quotes, forecasting cash flows, and supporting unlimited users.

5. Wave

Wave can be your virtual accounting partner for your business. Wave smartly manages all your income, expenses, invoices, and payments once you connect your bank account with the app. Some of the best features of the Wave app are:

  • Unlimited invoices, customers, and transactions
  • E-commerce Feature
  • Connecting to receipt printers, cash drawers, and bar code scanners
  • HR and payroll options
  • Automated tracking of expenses and cash flow

Further, the wave encrypts the bank-related data in 256-bit SSL encryption and set the data as read-only. This ensures that sensitive details shared via the wave app are secured. Wave offers a free subscription, so you can easily create a free account and try out their features like invoicing, receipt scanning, and accounting needs for unlimited time.

6. Zoho Books

From managing your daily transactions to automating business operations, Zoho Books can handle anything for you. And over the course of the last decade, this software has been able to establish a reputation as a reliable accounting aid. You can use it to close agreements, create invoices, determine your sales tax liability, and even create audit reports. Additionally, Zoho has a robust connection program with some well-known websites and apps, including Office365, G Suite, Stripe, and dozens of their own. So, replacing your bookkeeper and certified accountant with Zoho Books is simple. Their paid subscriptions for your company begin at just $20 a month. Their monthly professional subscription costs $50.

The above list of accounting apps works well for your various accounting needs. Choose the one based on the needs of your organization. You can go through their sites and opt for their free trial to choose your best accounting partner.




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