7 steps to create product videos quickly

Why video marketing is important?

Process of video making:

  1. Coming up with a concept
  2. Targeting your audience
  3. Choosing the type of video
  4. Scriptwriting
  5. Pre-production planning
  6. Recording the video
  7. Editing and enhancing the video

1. Coming up with a concept:

2. Targeting your audience:

3. Choosing the type of video:

  • Animated videos — It will create awareness among the users and a creative animated video will attract the viewers.
  • Tools useful for making animated videos: Animaker, Animato
  • Whiteboard animation videos — In this type of videos, we can able to tell a large amount of content.
  • Tool useful for making whiteboard animated videos: Animaker.
  • Screenshot videos — If you want to showcase your features of the product, this type of video will suit for you.
  • Tool useful for making screenshot videos: Powerpoint presentation.
  • Live act — this kind of video will create the personal touch among the viewers. You can directly record your video.

4. Script Writing:

5. Pre-production planning:

6. Recording your video:

7. Editing and enhancing the video:



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