CRM for Small and Medium businesses

Why does your small business need a CRM?

Running a small business is never easy. Your small business environment is ever-changing, dynamic and challenging. Customers change and customer needs change.

To make life easy and to make work productive in this challenging environment, a small business needs tools for managing its business and operations. One such tool is Customer Relationship Management or simply CRM.

CRM is a great business tool if you’re striving to improve sales, quality of your service and customer interactions. Whether you generate and track new leads, want to fix your sales process or to retain existing…

Customer loyalty is one of the most important factors for sustaining any business. Especially, for small businesses, customer loyalty helps to make them sustainable in the market and drive their business to the next orbit and grow rapidly. Earning the loyalty of a customer is a challenging task in business.

Customer loyalty shows you how much your customers are willing to continue with your business. This loyalty is like a personal connection between your business and the customers.

Customer loyalty also develops the lifetime value of a current customer and leads to in-line revenue. This supports you to bring in…

As human beings, we learn life skills from our parents, friends, teachers and also through self-realization. Other than these conventional channels of learning, one of the best available sources for learning life skills is sports. Sports is a combination of entertainment and providing moral lessons that help in developing leadership skills.

You may wonder, how does sports help in learning life lessons? Let’s take Olympics as an example, as it the most popular and favorite sporting event for people around the world. Once in every four years (well, around five years this time due to Covid), this competition brings together…

Over the years, technology has revolutionized the world in many ways, starting from the way we live and we communicate. Today, many users book their travel and entertainment tickets online, automating their banking process. Throughout their online journey, most of the customers feel comfortable reaching their customer service team without stepping outside of their home using their smartphones. Considering such practices, every call you receive for your business is more important and recording such customer calls plays an essential role for any type of organization. Without call recording technology, it is difficult to monitor your employees or manage your leads…

‘Lead Nurturing’ is an important marketing strategy as it builds solid relationships with your leads, that creates a trust for your leads to do business with you. Most of the small businesses are struggling to nurture their leads, are you one among them? Would you like to find the common mistakes that you are doing in the process of lead nurturing?

Converting leads into customers is one of the biggest challenges in the sales process and the strategies varies for every product and service. …

Are you interested in starting a business? Are you eager to learn the factors to be considered before starting a business? Then here is a perfect blog for you:

After looking at success business people, everyone wishes to start an own business and imagine it to reach greater heights and run successfully. But there a few secret factors that every successful business person would have considered and made a courage decision during the start of their business.

Before starting your business journey, try to get yourself the answers for the below questions:

  • Why is the business so important?
  • What needs…

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Have you ever wondered how SMS could be useful for your small business? SMS marketing is a simple way for small business owners to reach their customers. Many recent studies also suggest that 64% of customers feel that SMS is an effective communicating means that is widely preferred.

Going by the famous quote of Shakespeare “Brevity is the soul of wit”, why don’t you keep your communication short yet powerful? If you are a kind of a person who wants to grow your business using an effective marketing strategy, just give a try to carry out marketing using SMS. …

An important mantra for every business is “Creating new customers and retaining existing customers”. To build a better customer relationship, we need to engage in frequent business communication with the customers/leads.

As we are in the mobile era, communication has become easier than ever before. More specifically, majority of the people prefer SMS/ texting over emails, because of the instant deliveries and alerts provided along with the SMS services. Similar to bulk emailing activity, we can also send bulk SMS to a large set of customers effortlessly and in a shorter period of time.

As a business person, you will…

In addition to the pizza that you enjoy at Domino’s, the story behind the pizza chain can teach few lessons to start-ups.

Domino’s had a humble beginning with no place for people to sit inside the restaurant. Hence the founders decided to deliver the pizzas to homes of their customers. Starting there, it went on to open the 17,000th store in 2020. In US alone Domino’s delivers more than 1 million pizzas every day. How did they do it?

Here are top 10 lessons to learn from Domino’s that every small business teams should pay attention to.

(1) Do not…

Many small businesses have started using CRM to improve their sales and productivity. In the last five years, CRM usage has been increased from 55% to 75%.

Over thousands of CRMs in the market, with hundreds of features and functionalities, aids in running a successful business. CRM software not only helps you to solve the problem of tracking and connecting with customers but also helps in getting all your leads in one place through integrations and other means.

CRM software lets your small business collect, analyze, and retrieve all the vital information associated with the customer base and manage them…


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