How to Protect Your Small Business from Cyberattack

Why hackers go after Small Business

Take risk from Small Business

  • Your client lists
  • Customer credit & debit card information
  • Your company’s banking and transaction details
  • Your pricing plans & structures
  • Product designs & structures
  • Expansion plans & pricings
  • Manufacturing process & profit details

Impact on Cyberattack from Small Business

  • Financial losses from the theft of banking information
  • Share market losses from disruption of business
  • High charges to rid your network of threats
  • Damage to your recognition after telling customers their information was compromised

How can I protect my small business from Cyberattack?

1.Train your employees in safety principles

  • Spotting a phishing & spam email
  • Best practices from browsing
  • Avoiding suspicious links & downloads
  • Creating robust passwords
  • Protecting sensitive customer and dealer’s data

2. Protect information, communication device, hardware and networks from cyber attacks

2.1. Software updates

2.2 Provide Firewall and Malware security for your Internet connection

2.3 Create a mobile machine motion plan

2.4 Password Attacks

  • A brute-force attack, which includes guessing at passwords until the hacker gets in
  • A dictionary attack, which makes use of software to attempt different combinations of dictionary words
  • Keylogging, which tracks a user’s keystrokes, which include login IDs and passwords

2.5 Ransomware

2.6 Phishing

2.7 Secure your Wi-Fi networks

2.8 SQL injection attacks

2.9 Secure your hardware

3. Secure payment processing

4. Regularly back up all data

Does your agency back up its files?

Avoid Cheap Tools

Additional Supports

Growth Potential



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