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Every organization uses marketing to promote its brands or products in order to reach a wider audience. Because of the user’s interest in accepting these technological advancements, the traditional way of marketing has been turned to digital marketing and is ramping up in this modern day. Videos, particularly in digital marketing, play an important role in generating more excitement among people by presenting images rather than text, allowing businesses to engage with customers and advertise their products in a short period of time.

According to a report, 86 percent of firms use video as a marketing tool, and watching videos accounts for one-third of all internet activities. When compared to non-video marketers, those who utilize video as a marketing tool produce more money. Additionally, video aids marketers in increasing the average time spent by users on a given page, increasing sales discussions, and generating more potential, qualified leads for the company.

There is a quote that says “We’re operating in world where one good video can lead to a massive social following

However, gaining a large following and establishing trust is not easy; to do so, you must create and deliver material that is more enticing, instructive, amusing, and visually appealing. We will now talk about the first three videos that every company should develop and upload.

1. Product Demonstrators

The first and most important video that every firm should make is an explainer film for their products, which should include information on the items, their features, how they work, and how they differ from other products/brands. This will undoubtedly offer a positive impression of your product, allowing prospects to rapidly get a sense of how well it meets the customer’s needs.

There are a variety of ways to explain a product; let’s take a closer look at a few different types of movies that a firm might create to attract buyers.

(i) Animated video : Animated videos are the finest approach to explain your goods and advertise your business. There are many different sorts of animated video styles, such as cartoon, whiteboard, 2D and 3D animation, as well as a variety of video creation tools, such as Doodly, Powtoon, Animaker, and others. It is possible to imagine your script as an animated video using them, which saves a lot of money when compared to traditional video production.

(ii) Live stream : Creating live stream videos is the best way to emotionally connect with your audience since buyers can see actual people’s faces, which helps to build trust. Live streaming has been more popular in recent years, with companies such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram providing platforms for businesses to broadcast live content. Furthermore, Facebook claims that live video creates six times the number of interactions as conventional videos.

(iii) App preview videos : If you own a SaaS business, an app preview video is essential. It piques your prospects’ attention and imagination by showcasing your app’s features, functionality, and user interface in a short film that lasts between 15 and 30 seconds

2. Customer Testimonials

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of every business, and it affects every part of it. It’s challenging to find the greatest product that meets your company’s demands when there are millions of businesses running advertising campaigns. As a result, customer evaluations and testimonials are an important tool for converting a potential consumer into a paying customer and determining whether or not to make a purchase. Customers are only interested in doing business with your company after seeing other satisfied customers with whom you’ve previously dealt.

A testimonial video is just a product review film in which existing customers who have used your product express their positive and successful experiences with it, which helps to develop trust between customers and the company.

Why are client testimonials so important for your company?

  • Improves sales funnel, inquiries, and potential leads
  • Provides awareness for your business
  • Works more like referrals
  • Attracts new clients
  • Stands out from competitors

Check out these testimonial questions to ask your clients if you’re wanting to build an effective and powerful testimonial video for your business:

  • Who are you and what do you do for a living?
  • What issues did you have before to using our product?
  • What drew you to our product?
  • How did you come across our product?
  • What factors contributed to our product being the best fit for you?
  • How did you find your experience with our product?
  • Is our product up to your standards?
  • Have your problems been resolved or improved as a result of utilising our product?
  • How did you feel after discovering our product?
  • To whom would you suggest our product, and why?
  • Have you been using our product for a long time?
  • What motivates you to keep using the product?

3. Company Stories

Every successful organisation has a great narrative to tell, and storytelling is a powerful tool to communicate ideas to the rest of the world. Businesses should leverage their company evolution story to communicate with customers about how the firm was founded, how it crawled, and what challenges they experienced on their way to becoming successful. The company story film, often known as a “About Us” or “Mission Video,” explains the story of your business and its principles.

A few examples of business success tales

Founder’s tale : The Founder’s tale highlights the originator of the brand and his or her journey in bringing it to life as a distinctive product or service that engages customers and employees, gaining customers’ trust faster.

Video featuring employees & teammates : Invite and nurture your teammates to create short video clips in which they share their experiences with the brand/product/company.

Interviews with your own personnel on video : Employees are critical to a company’s success, and emphasising their work lives, technical competence, hobbies, and other interests can help the audience trust you. Moreover, expressing their work culture aids individuals in developing trust in the product.

Event story : Use B-roll clips from a company event and party :

B-roll (a secondary clip taken from primary clips) footage of your company event, parties, conferences, and gatherings is the simplest way to promote your corporation.

With all of this knowledge, I hope you have a better idea of what types of movies you can make for your company. Video is an effective approach for marketers to reach their target audiences, and it is now easier than ever for businesses to share and reach millions of customers with high-quality video content.

Businesses can no longer survive in today’s environment without employing video for advertising, and video has taken over the marketing world. Only a few seconds of video are required to pique the viewer’s interest, resulting in a large following and speeding up the sales process.

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