Top 8 tools to streamline your LinkedIn marketing

5 min readSep 21, 2022


Social media has a bigger impact on both our personal and professional lives now than ever before. Sales and marketing are done using social media, particularly in business. This method of marketing has also offered good advantages for business owners, such as lowering the cost associated with marketing, making it simple to advertise items even from remote regions, quickly reaching a wide global audience, etc. Especially for small businesses, social media is a boon for promoting their products. In this form of marketing, all that you need to do is share a post / 2 min video / short clip on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. It’s really simple to do marketing using social media rather than approaching a sales executive in person. Among these social media sites, LinkedIn is frequently chosen for job searches, business connections, and sharing posts about marketing. But do you really think that if you use LinkedIn well, it will increase your sales? Yes!!! It is possible with that which can streamline your LinkedIn marketing. Here is a list of top 8 tools that can help you in streamlining your LinkedIn marketing:

1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator:

LinkedIn Sales Navigator lets you get multiple benefits out of LinkedIn, from finding prospects, and mapping new connections to automating sales prospects until they’re ready to engage, etc. By connecting with many possible leads in one area, this tool can help you save time. As contact information is automatically populated, all you have to do is swipe right / left on profiles that you are interested in.

2. Crystal:

Effective communication is essential for small businesses. To facilitate good communication, you need to understand others. How to do this? Here’s Crystal, the world’s largest personality assessment platform which helps you to understand your customers. Using this tool on LinkedIn you can differentiate the personalities of your customers. This tool is so easy to use, all you need to provide is just the name of the person whom you want to know and Crystal will sort through their LinkedIn information and present their personality profile. Once you understand the personality traits of your customer, you can make better communication.

3. Dux-Soup:

Lead generation plays a major role in getting more customers for your business. Especially for small businesses, lead generation is extremely important. To help you in lead management, here’s a tool, Dux-Soup which takes care of reaching out to prospects with personalized messages that cater to their needs. This tool allows you to view the profiles of your prospect, follow their activity, send them personalized messages, and endorse their skills. This tool also maintains data of customers and allows you to take notes. Using this tool on LinkedIn, you can definitely make the lead generation process easier.

4. LeadFeeder:

It’s usually a good idea to be aware of business observers. This will help you understand your position in the market, who is interested in your goods and services, how to advance your business, how your competitors are doing, etc. . In recent times, this activity is judged by tracking the traffic of your company’s website. There are many tools for tracking the traffic of websites. One such tool is Leadfeeder which can be integrated with LinkedIn for gathering information about your website visitors. This tool can also be connected to your CRMs and you can receive email alerts when target companies visit your website.

5. SalesLoft:

There are many tools that can give you insights into your sales strategy. One such tool is SalesLoft, which can be integrated with other sales tools. This tool can be used by both beginners and professionals. It integrates with different data types across multiple channels and streamlines your workflow. It helps you to understand the audience and in turn, you can easily fix your target audience. Additionally, you may use this tool to customize your sales approach and receive data-driven findings that indicate where your sales strategy should be concentrated.

6. Link Pro:

The main aim of marketing is to boost sales. In recent times, social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. play a major role in marketing products/ services thereby boosting sales. To facilitate marketing and also boost your sales, there is a tool eLink Pro which helps you to easily connect with contacts using simple keywords. All you need to do is put them into the finder on the site, and it will connect you with matches based on key search terms. This is a very easy way to make links based on your brand, product, or service. eLink also has an automated Twitter feature which will be convenient if Twitter is one of your primary platforms for marketing.


IFTTT stands for ‘If This Then That.’ This LinkedIn marketing tool allows you to automate specific tasks through third-party apps. In IFTTT, there are predefined setups that can be used for LinkedIn automation. You can use this tool to schedule your social media posts to the exact hour, share your LinkedIn post on Facebook with a specific hashtag, share a tweet every time you publish a post, etc.

8. LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Gmail:

This tool provides you with valuable insights into the people you are connected with. Simply apply this Chrome extension to your browser to get started. By utilizing this application, you may view detailed information from your clients’ LinkedIn accounts while corresponding with them over Gmail. This data will be useful when you approach them the next time. Also, you can easily access their shared connections with your interests, and experiences.

Though there are many tools available for streamlining LinkedIn marketing, we have listed the 8 best tools that will be easy for you to effectively market your products using LinkedIn and also boost your sales.




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